ISSA Motor City Chapter Meeting

October 18, 2018

6:00PM ~ 8:00PM

VisTaTech Center
Schoolcraft College
18600 Haggerty
Livonia, MI 48152

Meeting Agenda

5:30 Conference room doors are opened by VistaTech staff.
5:45 Food Service - Boxed meal and beverages prepared by VistaTech catering.
6:00 Opening proceedings and introductions.
6:15 Presentation 1
6:45 Presentation Question and Answers
7:00 Meeting break and close of food service
7:15 Presentation 2
7:45 Presentation Question and Answers
8:00 Close of meeting /Professional networking

Friends and colleagues that may have interest in joining ISSA are welcome.

Chapter Meeting Presentations:

Imagine your Network without Firewalls, VPNs, CASBs, VLANs, NAC, DDoS, and...!
Caston Thomas
CEO, InterWorks

What if there were an Internet standard co-developed by the DoD, and it is being deployed today to secure the electric grid, airliners, & medical devices? What if you learned that the CSA, IETF & IEEE had been working on this standard for almost ten years? What if Google's Chief Evangelist had endorsed the technology, and if google had recently spun off a subsidiary to focus on a technology closely related to this standard? What if you could deploy this technology today without making a single change to your existing network architecture? What if you learned that in many cases, the time & effort to deploy & support was 1/10th of what is required to secure your network the way you do it now? Would you want to hear about it? Would you want to start planning to implement it as soon as possible?

In this presentation, we'll show you how the "Software Defined Perimeter" (SDP) works, give you a status about where the RFCs stand, who is deploying the technology today, what to watch out for, and what immediate next steps you should take to begin deploying a SDP & zero trust networking today.


Caston Thomas

With 20 years in cybersecurity, Caston is a recognized expert developing, applying, and deploying innovative cyber security technologies. He brings knowledge, perspective, and a pragmatic approach to implementing technologies and processes that improve the security and management of networks and infrastructure. He has works with Fortune 1000 companies to implement practical processes to streamline operations and improve technology adoption.

A natural problem solver, Caston successfully bridges the gaps between theory and actual implementation as he develops network strategies for state-of-the-art cyber security frameworks. The ITinTheD podcast, claims Caston as its 'go to' security expert. Caston also produces and co-hosts WJR's "Internet Advisor Show". He has contributed his talents and time to the Salvation Army, Capuchin Soup Kitchen, and building clinics & orphanages in Africa. A businessman with a heart, Caston is a family-oriented humanitarian who thrives on helping others realize their potential.

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