Sponsor Notification - Microsoft Trustworthy Computing

Sponsor Notification - Microsoft Trustworthy Computing

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ISSA Motor City would like to recognize Microsoft Trustworthy Computing as a sponsor.

Trustworthy Computing is Microsoft’s long-term, collaborative effort to create and deliver secure, private, and reliable computing experiences for everyone. At Microsoft, we continuously improve how we build security into software and services, develop new methods for mitigating attacks, and have dedicated staff to respond quickly and effectively to threats and vulnerabilities 24/7.

The Microsoft® Security Engineering Center (MSEC) helps to protect Microsoft customers by delivering inherently more secure solutions through the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), a process that infuses security into each phase of development to protect customers by creating software that is less vulnerable and more resilient to malicious attacks.

We share our security development methods and processes with others in the industry to promote trusted computing worldwide. Our Security Science team performs leading-edge research that helps us and our customers stay one step ahead of cyber-criminals by understanding next-generation attack vectors and techniques. Security Science also builds tools that help IT professionals improve the security of their IT infrastructure.

For more information about Microsoft Trustworthy Computing, please phone Ken Malcolmson, Senior Product Manager, at 425.704.8145 or email him at ken.malcolmson@microsoft.com.