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Securing the Transformation to the Digital Enterprise

Zscaler built its multi-tenant platform from scratch to provide 100% cloud security to every user in the enterprise, on any device, using any app, all over the world.

The platform powers the two essential Zscaler services: Zscaler Internet Access, which provides inline inspection of every byte of traffic to make sure nothing bad comes in and nothing good leaves; and Zscaler Private Access, which provides secure access to internal apps without exposing them to the network.

The Zscaler global platform is elastically scalable and provides a single console for unmatched visibility, reporting, and policy control. With Zscaler cloud intelligence, if a threat is detected for any one of our 15 million users, it is immediately blocked for all users.

The digital transformation is happening now. It’s defined by speed and agility, enabled by cloud, and secured by Zscaler.